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Why do I need a Marketing Agency, and when?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Marketing is vast. But do I need to know marketing to be sure I selected the right agency, and the proper service my company needs at a specific moment?

What can I expect from my marketing agency? And what should I request from them?

There are many relevant questions, if not to be asked, at least to be considered, before you decide to turn to a marketing agency.

Let’s see together some of the critical characteristics to be acknowledged and their importance in your decision process.

Marketing agency and consultancy

What is a Marketing agency?

Actually, that’s the first question to be considered. Because, if I can identify the service, I know what to request and what to expect.

Before the digital area, we were mainly talking about creative and communication agencies. They were in charge of the graphic identity of your company. Then they were able to decline a brand identity through different networks.

Today, with all the channels at our fingertips, the field of possibilities is extremely large and needs to be connected to your market and your KPI.

While defining brand identities, we need to think Values, to explore global markets and to consider adaptability. There are many parameters to take under consideration and performances to track.

It’s about Strategy. It’s about where your company is standing and what needs to be done to reach the next step.

It’s about proper feedback on your company to help you evolve in the right direction.

It’s about market fit and performances.

Global Strategy

If you turn to a marketing consultancy there’s a big chance that it is because you need to build your strategy from scratch or that you consider improving part of the existing one.

You want to expand. Your product - meaning your offer - has evolved. You have identified some deficiencies in the current one, or you simply need to evaluate your potential in the market. There are as many reasons to contact a marketing agency as there are companies. That’s why adaptability is the key. The full understanding of your product and the market knowledge are crucial to your success.

Referring to an external point of view, is an open window on reality. The emotional side doesn’t interfere and the accuracy of the product is the main parameter to be considered.

This being taken into account, you also need to target oversea. That’s why we are talking Global Strategy. Your local market is not enough anymore, and from now on, companies, and more especially start-ups, need to consider the global market to be competitive. The technologies are sufficient and the expectations are consistent from one country to another. Still, knowing that won’t help you in building an adequate global strategy.

Which country to start with? Some markets are more dynamic, some are in deep need of your technology. Do you have the internal resources to face new expectations?

This is the first bunch of questions to think about.

Then you have to consider the competition landscape. Who are the actors of your market? What are their strengths, where are you stronger? How do you position your brand in the global offer, how do you adapt your messaging, what makes you special? This is only the tip of the iceberg of the questions you need to get answers on to build your own and efficient global marketing strategy. Knowing the answers is essential. Asking the good questions will make all the difference.

A global marketing agency will not only support you on your journey. It will also guide you in asking the right questions. You’ve got mail have more than 20 years experience in global marketing, leading major brands to their success and their expansion. It’s a unique opportunity for your brand to benefit from the knowledge of cultural codes, local funnels and global expertise. Within the respect of your internal resources, and with a pertinent budget, it’s a great opportunity to build a competitive global marketing strategy dedicated to your brand and your specificities.

One point of contact

Do you have an internal marketing team? Yes? No?...

Because this means… a specialist for SEO, another one for all types of content, one for PPC, for nurturing, for… the list is long and the competences are all as much important to drive a performing marketing. Whether you have the resources or not, somehow you need guidance and a point of contact that will manage all these competences.

The marketing consultancy will take them all under consideration while planning your new strategy, in addition to what is the most adapted to your company’s unique situation.

The result is:

  • A more accurate solution

  • An efficient resources management

  • Budget optimisation

  • And centralisation!

The one point of contact within a marketing creative agency will allow you to benefit all the marketing abilities, even if marketing is not your main competence.

We just saw some of the advantages of contacting a marketing agency. In a few words, the marketing consultancy will allow your company to build a suitable and dedicated marketing strategy. Then, the agency itself will support you in implementing the main aspects of this strategy.

But this is not the end. Marketing is a moving science that constantly needs to be monitored.

In a future article we will see what marketing data analysis is and how to define appropriate KPI and sustainable ROI that will impact the perenniality of your company.


For more information on how to adapt and better consider your marketing strategy, contact us.


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